Where can I get a battery substitute for a PS3 controller and also just how can I change it?

Exists any kind of means to transform the battery of a PS3 controller? If so, where do I get a new one!? and also just how do I transform it?

2019-05-04 05:40:44
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If you look Google for ps3 controller replacement battery you'll locate a lot of areas marketing them online, consisting of Amazon. They might lug them in Gamestop if you favor block & mortar shops.

When it comes to just how to change it, below is a YouTube video demonstrating the process. Looks rather straight-forward.

When I was looking for these points I located an old Joystiq write-up where a Sony representative claims that Sony will replace PS3 controllers if/when they die. This write-up was created prior to the PS3 launched however, so I do not recognize if they consisted of that in their main regards to solution or otherwise.

2019-05-07 21:57:01