Just how can I make iPhone clock alarm systems comply with vibrate-only setting?

In the Clock application, if I make use of a timer or alarm that goes off while my iPhone gets on vibrate setting, the alarm audio still goes off. Exists a means to make it comply with the vibrate setting? Or a means to inform it whether to overlook it?

2019-05-04 05:49:45
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Answers: 2

You could intend to attempt making use of a various alarm application such as Awaken or Alarm Clock Pro.

These applications WILL comply with the apples iphone shake setup (I assume). Also if they do not, they will still allow you tailor the ringtone of your alarm systems to make them quieter ...

2019-05-10 16:35:03

Calendar alarm systems comply with the mute button. Clock alarm systems do not.

Directly, I consider this an attribute and also not a bug-- yet I can recognize why you would certainly at the very least desire the alternative.

Nonetheless, except jailbreaking, there is presently no other way to transform this actions in the Apple-provided applications.

2019-05-07 23:08:30