How several drones to move to development (s)?

Especially, I'm a Zerg gamer finding out to quickly expand and also attempting to play an extra macro video game. The amount of drones do I remove my major and also place at my exposition? Is this number regular with future expositions too?

2019-05-18 20:26:09
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There are 2 colleges of ideology on drone transfer (this just is for drones on minerals):

  1. All yet 16
  2. Half (or actually any kind of various other number in between this and also # 1)

Both have their qualities.

The first is based upon the presumption that any unit after the 16th is only doing a fraction of the work it could do otherwise ; moving those methods you obtain extra minerals with no added price. The majority of firms would certainly eliminate for this possibility.

The last is based upon the suggestion that when powering drones you do not intend to need to select your Hatcheries independently, so by doing this both websites require equally as several new drones and also you can power without seeing area. This usually drops under the objection that any kind of drones being moved aren't generating minerals ; this is great when they go to lowered performance, while it is a negative suggestion under 16. While this holds true, any kind of drones generated at one base and also rallied to the next deal with the very same trouble, so the bottom line is in fact absolutely no (unless you do not rally, in which instance your economic situation is reduced for various other factors).

If you start having fun with actually ludicrous mathematics (ludicrous as a result of the presumptions you need to make) you need to figure out that the net result coincides. You will certainly see that Pro gamers often tend to prefer the previous as even more loan currently is far better than the very same loan later on.

So, my pointer is: all drones on minerals yet 16.

2019-05-21 01:27:42