What approach to make use of in Civilization IV when you start in a hard to reach location?

I have actually played the other day the Africa circumstance, and also I began the video game in the location of Egypt.

There were some excellent sources yet the desert obstruct me to construct greater than 4 cities and also later on in the video game I was conveniently damaged.

Along with that just one city was near hills and also can give an excellent manufacturing price to construct army.

What is the appropriate approach to make use of in this instances?

2019-05-18 20:30:03
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Expand boldy beforehand. Get workers/settlers constructed today and also push your boundaries out. See to it that you get some cities right into even more abundant locations early prior to social boundaries close you off. You can after that backfill added cities behind that after that. If you still wind up dramatically smaller sized than your next-door neighbors, go to propels and also be prepared to take added region forcibly. There is a factor that a huge part of the "ratings" revealed for each and every human being is location regulated, if you fall back the various other civs in regards to location regulated you will certainly not have the ability to stay on par with them in the mid/late video game.

2019-05-21 02:21:11

Try for a Cultural or Diplomatic Victory

I had a look at that circumstance and also I need to concur that placement is difficult. bwarner and also Andy Giesler have what I think is the most effective around suggestions. I recommend you take that despite whether you take mine or otherwise.

Nonetheless, you are still most likely to not remain in an excellent scenario. You will not have much manufacturing or land, and also hence, not a solid army either. So I recommend you do not play in such a way that calls for a solid armed force. Civ 4 has numerous win problems:

  • Time (Score)
  • Conquest/Domination (They are actually the very same)
  • Cultural
  • Space Race
  • Diplomatic

The ones I've written off are the ones that call for a great deal of manufacturing or a solid armed force. Social and also Diplomatic DON'T call for much manufacturing of any kind of kind. They do call for commerce/science to study vital technologies which I think you'll have, in between rivers and also homes. (This can be supplemented with excellent profession relationships, which you need to have) They additionally just call for 1 - 3 cities. (3 for social, specifically 1 with the United Nations constructed in it for Diplomatic.) If you can not expand to 3 cities, you need to possibly reactivate anyhow.

However, going with these will not operate in every scenario. The largest point that will certainly stop your is your very own play design. You have to entirely adjust to being wonderful to various other countries and also not constructing an army, in addition to "cops" devices to maintain your people satisfied. I constantly get an impulse to go strike a person in the center of the video game, yet I have a close friend that repetitively wins with these and also NEVER strikes any person.

Thinking you can adjust your play design, what empire/leader you are making use of will certainly still have a large result on whether you can also try these triumphes or otherwise. Unsurprisingly, my close friend is leader of selection for either of these triumphes is Hatshepsut of Egypt. [Imaginative, Spiritual ] I visualize Ramesses II [Spiritual, Industrious ] would certainly have an excellent shot too. (I state Egypt due to the fact that they take place to match where you began, and also take place to be THE BEST at these triumphes. I'm certain various other empires/leaders can function too.)

Currently, just how to deal with winning among these means:

Make close friends with EVERYONE. Pay them homages, provide technology, transform to their faith or spread your very own, profession sources for trading sources (at some point offers polite incentive, also if you get absolutely nothing from it!). ANYTHING that will certainly make them like you extra. First, this suggests you will not require an army due to the fact that no person will certainly strike you, and also, 2nd, this is the means you win a polite triumph.

Located as several faiths as you can, and also construct all the spiritual structures. Bear in mind to switch over to Organized Religion so you offset your inadequate manufacturing. Component of this is to get even more society, component is to handle that is what faith. Among the most basic points that makes individuals adversaries is having various faiths. If you located every one of them, you (partly) control just how they spread out, so you can spread out a solitary faith to every realm every person will certainly be close friends (specifically with you, that started the faith). If you handle this, you reach wait till much later on in the video game to determine which means you in fact intend to win.

Ultimately, if you do pursue these, you have to devote to them early. Making wonderful with various other countries and also constructing society build up from the beginning of the video game. (Like nearly every little thing else)

Good good luck.

Edit: Consulted with my close friend. (Who I want to encourage to address inquiries himself, yet till after that ...) He includes (with edits):

Technology selections additionally are rather vital ... for polite you require to located the UN, and also for society you desire program towers, so shooting for Mass Media is an excellent suggestion.

This advises me: The most vital frameworks to a social triumph are the ones that increase society by a percent. Hermitage nationwide marvel, Brodcast towers, and also an unique structure for each and every faith (Cathedral for Christianity. I regretfully can not bear in mind the various other names off the top of my head). Those need you to regulate even more cities to be constructed, so extra cities will absolutely HELP, yet are not purely essential.

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