How would certainly you uninstall a rogue Home (Launcher) application?

If you were to install a Home Screen application that does not offer you accessibility to the System Settings screen (to head to Manage Applications), as well as additionally does not allow you release Apps (such as the marketplace App or 3rd event install/unistallers), exists ANY means to uninstall such an application?

I recognize that Android needs your approval prior to allowing a new App take control of the home screen advantage. Yet claim you are attempting a freshly released Launcher application that is buggy (or destructive). You are certainly still mosting likely to inform Android it is alright to offer this App the Home screen advantage. Currently once it is mounted, your phone is currently properly pointless?

Exists a means for a regular end customer (that does not have Eclipse/ADB) to leave this scenario? Apart from doing a full factory reset?

I understand there are means to uninstall an App using ADB (" adb uninstall")

But it feels like a regular end customer is possibly screwed if they ever before install such a malicious/buggy application. This feels like an open security opening in Android, no?

2019-05-18 20:30:49
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To create such destructive Launcher it will require to:

  1. Disable Settings > Applications > Manage Applications
  2. Disable Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging
  3. Disable Market (to stop you from downloading and install Home Switcher applications)
  4. Prevent all various other Launcher - type application from opening (or else you can simply start the various other Launcher and also most likely to Settings from there)
  5. Disable Terminal Emulator - type application (to stop uninstallation by pm or rm - ing the.apk)
  6. ... others?

This feels like an open security opening in Android, no?

No. When security specialists speaks about a system having an excellent security, they do not speak about a foolish customer doing foolish point to his system. A foolish customer offering untrusted program baseless advantages are social troubles, not security trouble.

Linux (and also Android) is safe and secure not due to the fact that it is difficult mess the system up (you can, really conveniently, simply type sudo rm -rf /). Linux is safe and secure due to the fact that a destructive program can not screw up the system without the customer is consent and also a customer can not mess the system up unless they have the ideal advantage to screw up the system (a customer with an origin advantage can screw up the system in hundreds of means).

Unlike in a few other OS, Linux (and also Android) does not try to shield the customer from doing something foolish (given that such defense would certainly additionally protect against power users from doing anything clever). It will thoughtlessly follow your order when you informed it to destroy itself (as long as the customer has the advantage to regulate the system to destroy itself).

The adhering to sudo is first - time - sudoers talk summarize the Unix/Linux means to security:

We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System
Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

#1) Respect the privacy of others.
#2) Think before you type.
#3) With great power comes great responsibility.

In any kind of instance, if such destructive Launcher enters into the marketplace, we can be certain that Google will certainly remove it from Market quickly without hold-up (and also possibly release a remote uninstall command). And also if you install such Launcher from outdoors Market, after that you are not a "regular customer", you are in charge of your very own if you are mounting programs from outdoors Market.

2019-05-21 03:11:50

Start your tool in SAFE MODE and afterwards uninstall the application that is creating troubles. Restarting will certainly exit from Safe Mode. Below is just how to accessibility SAFE MODE in a couple of preferred tools.

HTC tools with physical switches:

  • Turn off your Android phone.
  • Press the Menu switch on your phone.
  • While holding back the Menu switch, activate your tool and also maintain pushing the Menu switch till you see the lock screen.
  • " Safe Mode need to currently be published in the lower - left edge of your display screen. When in secure setting, Android does not load any kind of 3rd - event applications, and also you can uninstall the application that offered you problem from Settings > Applications > Manage applications.

Nexus One:

  • Turn off your Nexus. Remove the battery if it can not be done the regular means.
  • Press the power switch to start your phone, and also right when the logo design shows up, press and also hold the trackball. You need to additionally have the ability to hold back the touch delicate Menu switch now, if you favor that.
  • Maintain pushing till you see the lock screen, and also you need to currently remain in secure setting.

Motorola Droid

  • Turn off your Droid and also slide open the equipment key-board.
  • Press both the power switch and also the Menu switch on the key-board all at once.
  • Maintain holding back the Menu key till you see the "Droid Eye", and also you feel your phone shake.
  • Your Droid needs to start and also claim "Safe Mode" in the lower - left edge of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S

  1. Power the phone off.

  2. Transform the phone back on while pushing and also holding the Menu switch.

  3. Maintain holding the Menu switch till the Home screen lots. The lower - left edge need to claim Safe Mode.

2019-05-21 02:47:11