How do I enable Mobile Data just for select applications on a rooted phone?

However my service provider costs EUR0.10 per MEGABYTES of information - - and also I've figured out by hand that Android is an information hog.

Therefore I maintain my mobile data virtually specifically off.

Exists a means, probably via an application, to just permit some applications to make use of mobile data ? As an example I would certainly such as to have the ability to make use of Whatsapp and also Opera Mini, yet disable every various other solution.

I've located that without intending to, applications like eBuddy and also (specifically) Google Talk constantly intend to re - connect, also when they have not been straight run.

I realize that as from 2.2, Google tightened up security on application capacities (specifically job supervisors and also home screen selectors). Wherefore it deserves, my tool is rooted and also running CyanogenMod7 RC4 (based upon Gingerbread) so this could damage compatibility with pre - 2.2 applications.

2019-05-18 20:31:45
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As you are rooted, you can make use of DroidWall to regulate network accessibility on a per application basis.

From the marketplace web page:

Front - end application for the iptables Linux firewall.
Allows you to limit which applications can access the network.
This is the excellent remedy if you do not have an endless information strategy, or simply intends to see your battery lasting much longer.

2019-05-21 02:47:46