Is there a minimum application rate at application shops?

Exists a restriction on minimum app rate? I ask as I never ever saw any kind of application much less than.99 in any kind of application store (in addition to free applications). Can an application resemble.49 as an example in Google or Amazon application store?

2019-05-18 20:32:20
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In the Android market, the minimum rate is $0.99. If I attempt to set my application any kind of lower, it claims I have to set it to at the very least $0.99.

2019-12-02 00:50:19

Expanding on Bryan is previous solution, yes, there is a minimum restriction on an application rate : $0 (free) : -)

Kidding apart, for non - free applications, there is a minimum restriction for paid applications on the Android Market, which minimum is based upon the money and also area where the application is supplied. As an example, a paid application supplied in Denmark has to presently be detailed for no much less than 6 krone. These minimums might readjust with time to mirror variations in money value.

The Android Market is not the only resource for paid applications, nonetheless, and also each application supplier might make use of one-of-a-kind plans for application rates. As a whole, nonetheless, you will certainly locate that each supplier has some minimum restriction set that will certainly cover the prices of purchase costs.

2019-12-02 00:50:15

Yes, for non - free applications there is a minimum rate for each and every sustained money.

As I saw today when readjusting the rate of among my applications, these minimum rates are not specifically equal throughout money (and also also if they were, they would certainly wander with time as a result of currency exchange rate variations).

As an example, I set the new rate of my application at $0.99 for the United States and also the about equal rate of ₤ 0.59 for the UK. Nonetheless, I can not set such small cost for Scandinavian nations or Japan due to the fact that the minimums were greater (the Japanese minimum is 99 yen, which is about ₤ 0.71/ US$ 1.16 at today is prices).

Below is the full list of minimum and maximum prices per country.

At existing prices it appears that the most inexpensive feasible non - free application would certainly set you back EUR0.50 (about US$ 0.72).

2019-12-02 00:40:16