Mount a dividing on login?

I have a dividing to hold my media documents and also images. Yet it does not mount instantly. So for when I open shotwell it details all my images as "Missing" till I open the dividing in Nautilus and afterwards reactivate shotwell. Exists a means to have it mount on login?

2019-05-18 20:32:38
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fstab Syntax

Quote: [Device ] [Mount Point ] [File_system ] [Options ] [unload ] [fsck order ] Device = Physical area.

/ dev/hdxy or/ dev/sdxy.

x will certainly be a letter beginning with a, after that b, c,. y will certainly be a number beginning with 1, after that 2,3,

Thus hda1 = First dividing on the master HD.

See Basic partitioning for more information

Note: zip discs are constantly phoned number "4". Instance: USB Zip =/ dev/sda4.

Keep in mind: You can additionally recognize a tool by udev, quantity tag (AKA LABEL), or uuid.

These fstab strategies are handy for detachable media due to the fact that the tool (/ dev/sdxy) might transform. As an example, occasionally the USB tool will certainly be appointed/ dev/sda1, various other times/ dev/sdb1. This relies on what order you connect USB tools, and also where (which USB port) you make use of to connect. This can be a significant worry as you have to recognize the tool prior to you can mount it. fstab does not function well if the tool name maintains transforming.

To detail your tools, first placed connect your USB tool (it does not require to be placed). By quantity tag:. Code:

ls/ dev/disk/by - tag - lah

By id:. Code:

ls/ dev/disk/by - id - lah

By uuid:. Code:

ls/ dev/disk/by - uuid - lah

IMO, LABEL is most convenient to make use of as you can set a tag and also it is human legible.

The layout to make use of as opposed to the tool name in the fstab documents is:

LABEL = (Where is the quantity tag name, ex-spouse. "information").

UUID = (Where is some alphanumeric (hex) like fab05680 - eb08 - 4420 - 959a - ff915cdfcb44).

Once more, IMO, making use of a tag has a solid benefit with detachable media (flash drives).

See How to make use of Labels listed below.

For udev: udev does the very same point as LABEL, yet I locate it extra difficult. See How to udev for a really wonderful just how to on udev.

Mount factor. This is where the dividing is placed or accessed within the "tree" (ie/ mnt/hda1). You can make use of any kind of name you such as. As a whole

  1. / mnt Typically made use of for set disk drives HD/SCSI. If you mount your disk drive in/ mnt it will certainly NOT show in "Places" and also your Desktop.
  2. / media Typically made use of for detachable media (CD/DVD/USB/ Zip). If you mount your disk drive in/ media it WILL receive "Places" and also your Desktop.


  1. / mnt/windows
  2. / mnt/data
  3. / media/usb

To make a mount factor:. Code:

sudo mkdir/ media/usb

File kinds:

vehicle: The documents system type (ext3, iso9660, etc) it identified instantly. Generally functions. Made use of for detachable tools (CD/DVD, Floppy drives, or USB/Flash drives) as the documents system might differ on these tools.

Linux documents systems: ext2, ext3, jfs, reiserfs, reiser4, xfs, swap.

Windows:. vfat = FAT 32, FAT 16. ntfs = NTFS

Note: For NTFS rw ntfs - 3g

CD/DVD/iso: iso9660

To mount an iso image (*.iso NOT CD/DVD device):

sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro,loop=/dev/loop0 <ISO_File> <Mount_Point>


defaults = rw, suid, dev, director, vehicle, nouser, and also async.

Alternatives for a different/ residence: nodev, nosuid, relatime

My advised alternatives for detachable (USB) drives remain in environment-friendly.

vehicle = placed at boot. noauto = not placed at boot

customer = when placed the mount factor is possessed by the customer that placed the dividing. customers = when placed the mount factor is possessed by the customer that placed the dividing and also the team customers

ro = read just. rw = read/write


Ownership and also permissios of vfat/ ntfs are evaluated the moment of placing. This is usually a resource of complication.

uid = Sets proprietor. Syntax: might make use of user_name or customer ID #. gid = establishes team possession of mount factor. Once more might make use of group_name or GID #.

umask can be made use of to set approvals if you desire to transform the default. Syntax is "weird" in the beginning. To set an approvals of 777, umask = 000. To set approvals of 700, umask = 077

Best is to set directory sites with executable approvals and also documents with read write. To do this, make use of fmask and also dmask (instead after that umask):. dmask = 027. fmask = 137

With these alternatives documents are not executable (all tinted environment-friendly in an incurable w/ ls)

Linux indigenous documents systems: Use defaults or customers. To change hands and also approvals, mount the dividing, after that make use of chown and also chmod.

Keep in mind: Warning re: sync and also flash tools:. Caution

Additional Options:

* sync/async - All I/O to the file system should be done (a)synchronously.
* auto - The filesystem can be mounted automatically (at bootup, or when mount is passed the -a option). This is really unnecessary as this is the default action of mount -a anyway.
* noauto - The filesystem will NOT be automatically mounted at startup, or when mount passed -a. You must explicitly mount the filesystem.
* dev/nodev - Interpret/Do not interpret character or block special devices on the file system.
* exec / noexec - Permit/Prevent the execution of binaries from the filesystem.
* suid/nosuid - Permit/Block the operation of suid, and sgid bits.
* ro - Mount read-only.
* rw - Mount read-write.
* user - Permit any user to mount the filesystem. This automatically implies noexec, nosuid,nodev unless overridden.
* nouser - Only permit root to mount the filesystem. This is also a default setting.
* defaults - Use default settings. Equivalent to rw, suid, dev, exec, auto, nouser, async.
* _netdev - Used for network shares (nfs, samba, sshfs, etc), mounting the network share is delayed until after the boot process brings up the network (otherwise the mount will fail as the network is not up).

Dump Dump: Dump area collections whether the back-up energy dump will certainly backup documents system. If readied to "0" documents system overlooked, "1" documents system is supported.

Fsck order Fsck: Fsck order is to inform fsck what order to examine the documents systems, if readied to "0" documents system is overlooked.

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Check your/ etc/fstab - That holds all the details for dividings to be placed. If it is detailed there, examine that it has "vehicle" and also "customer" in the alternatives area. If it isn't there, after that it relies on what your filesystem is what you would certainly place in the line.

2019-05-21 04:05:58

If the dividing is NTFS type (Windows), after that you need to, first off, install ntfs - 3g vehicle driver via the Ubuntu Software Center, Synaptic or by keying the adhering to line in the console ( Applications - > Accessories - > Terminal ):

sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g

If you have not currently, create the folder that will certainly be made use of as mount factor.

sudo mkdir /media/music (you can call it "music" or whatever you like)

Now you have actually all points set, you can start to follow this actions:

1. Get the details concerning the disk

Get the UUID of the dividing, which is a serial key that recognizes the disk.

sudo blkid

An instance result line need to resemble this:

/ dev/sda5: UUID = "246699c0 - 1262 - 4d0d - 94dd - 6496b33467d4" TYPE = " ext3"

2. Modify the fstab arrangement documents

This documents has a checklist of tools and also their placing regulations (automated, as needed, etc). It lies at/ etc/fstab

Open the full-screen editor as extremely - customer and also modify the documents:

gksudo gedit /etc/fstab

Check the result of the command made use of in the previous action and also take notification on

  • dividing TYPE (instance: ext4 ) ;
  • UUID, given by the blkid command ;

and also add the adhering to line:

UUID=xxxxxxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxxxxxxx /mount/point/ file-system defaults 0 0
  • UUID need to be changed with the serial key gotten with the blkid command
  • documents - system need to be changed with the TYPE value.
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