How to transform DHCP config?

I am attempting to access an ims core from the ims customer in my Android tool, nonetheless I require to change the dhcp customer to add the ip of the core as one of the DNS. In instance of a Linux OS the adhering to would certainly do the work::

cd /etc/dhcp3/ ; vi dhclient.conf ; /* add the line:: prepend domain-name-servers 152.xx.xx.xx(ip of ims core) / sudo dhclient ; / to restart*/

Now the concern is just how do I attain the very same in my Android?

2019-05-18 20:32:46
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This does not actually resolve your DHCP inquiry (not exactly sure what sysprop that would certainly be), yet it will certainly repair your DNS concerns. You can make an ASE manuscript for it if you do not intend to need to do it every single time your DNS is transformed by the carrier.

Additionally, relying on just how your DNS web server is arrangement you might intend to transform the INT at the end of line one to "2" or "3" and also add a few other DNS web servers for the remainder of the net (openDNS, google DNS, etc).

Open an adb covering or Terminal Emulator and also type :

setprop 1
setprop net.eth0.dns1 

Alternatively, simply toss the web server (s) you intend to settle right into /system/etc/hosts, like you would certainly in a regular linux system.

2019-12-03 04:28:53