How to start an application with "Always On Top" set?

There are a number of applications that I locate myself noting as "Always ahead" every single time I utilize them, so I ask yourself if there is a means to instantly set them as so, whatever means I start them (food selection, covering, gnome - do)?

2019-05-18 20:33:01
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There is an extra basic remedy, collaborating with a EWMH/NetWM suitable X Window Manager (all generally made use of wm are consisted of).

The remedy worries making use of the wmctrl application (located in wmctrl plan).

You can set the "on - top" building with

wmctrl -r "window title" -b add,above

There is, nonetheless, some job entrusted to automate the procedure.

2019-05-21 06:51:14

You can make use of something like Devil's Pie (Ubuntu package).

See frabjous solution concerning just how to do it with Compiz.

2019-05-21 03:04:46

If you are making use of Compiz, you can enter into CompizConfig Setting Manager, and also enable the Windows Rules plugin, and afterwards add something like class=Gnome-terminal under "Above" to make all Gnome Terminal home windows Stick ahead. (You can click the+switch and also make use of the grab attribute to identify the class name for numerous applications if it is not noticeable.)

Ubuntu 16.10

Make certain to install compiz-plugin.

2019-05-21 01:59:22