Is there "select all" capability in the GMail application?

I've formerly made use of the default Email application on my CyanogenMod 7 EVO due to the fact that I had an Exchange account at the workplace. Nonetheless, I switched over work lately and also my new area simply makes use of GMail company accounts (which I appreciate). Given that I do not have the Exchange account any longer, I would certainly such as to conform to the GMail application due to the fact that I favor the UI and also whatnot, yet I can not for the life of me locate any kind of sort of "Select All" capability in it.

The Email application permits me to do this from the alternatives food selection (Menu->Select All picks every little thing in the existing folder). In GMail I saw that if I select several things, after that "Deselect All" appears in the alternatives food selection, yet not "Select All". I've additionally attempted numerous kinds of lengthy - continuing messages, accounts, and also folders fruitless.

Exists any kind of means to do this in the GMail application, or am I simply stuck without it? I looked the concern tracker and also really did not locate anything pertinent, which stunned me a little bit, to be straightforward. Clearly I can do this from a computer system if I require to clear a folder/label, yet I would certainly sort of like to preserve the capability on my phone, also. Am I missing out on some non - noticeable (or probably also noticeable) food selection thing someplace?

2019-05-18 20:33:24
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Nope, not since v2.3.4.1 anyways. I've been via all the setups/ activities rather extensively, in numerous contexts, without good luck.

2019-05-21 03:50:30

I'm not exactly sure specifically just how you make use of the select all attribute, yet I assume a reliable means to minimize your demand for this is to freak out with filters, tags, and also the top priority inbox.

Having your Gmail account type your E - mail right into very details tags for you and also meticulously marking every little thing as either "vital" or "trivial" will certainly maintain the variety of E - mails you see at any kind of one-time to a practical quantity a lot of the moment.

There are a lots of wonderful pointers in this article from LifeHacker that I've made use of both on the internet user interface and also on my Gmail application.

Oh, and also send an attribute demand to Google. ; -)

2019-05-21 03:47:02