How do I stop Banshee from playing arbitrary tracks when it ends up a playlist/album?

Whenever I play songs in Banshee, it reaches completion of a play line up or cd after that begins playing an apparently arbitrary cd.

As an example, if I double click a cd after that it begins having fun. At the end, it begins playing the play line up.

On the various other hand, if I create a play line up and also play via it, at the end it misses onto anther musician or cd. It often tends to be the cd or musician that was last picked in the songs internet browser yet not constantly. Occasionally it will certainly miss to track 2 or 3 too (shuffle is out).

Just how do I get Banshee to simply play a cd or a play line up after that STOP?

2019-05-18 20:33:34
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I have the very same trouble. I have not located a solution and also I'm rather certain I logged a bug versus this over a year ago (no suggestion where it is currently).

Nonetheless I have actually located a workaround. I call it that (as opposed to a solution) due to the fact that it is a discomfort in all-time low.

  1. Reactivate Banshee
  2. Empty the Play Queue (Right click it, click clear)
  3. Double click the Play Queue
  4. Add tracks to the Queue
  5. Double click the Play Queue once more to start playing.

I additionally think you queue is load setting is hand-operated and also it is not drawing in tracks instantly. If you are not making use of hand-operated setting, that could be your trouble.

If you locate a means of doing this without reactivating Banshee, allow me recognize ... Not that I mind reactivating Banshee ... If it is competing also lengthy it does often tend to consume all my RAM.

Simply seen the various other fifty percent to your inquiry. If you have points in Play Queue they are intended to play after the existing track. That is deliberately. If you do not desire them to play, clear the line up.

2019-05-21 02:46:34