While mounting on numerous computers, ubuntu ices up on some computers

I am mounting ubuntu on numerous laptop computers by adhering to this guide. I did it efficiently on 23 laptop computers yet on 2 laptop computers it ices up. When I boot it up, after login the desktop computer turns up, and also after time it ices up. Magic SysRq Key can not be made use of additionally. Ctrl+Alt+F2 does not show the terminal. Throughout installment, after start up from the cd, sometimes installment fell short as a result of arbitrary ices up. After several excruciating re - efforts I had the ability to install it, yet the system cold trouble continues to be.

If started right into recuperation setting covering motivate with networking, the covering punctual additionally ices up. Yet recuperation setting origin covering punctual jobs great, so below is the information I accumulated:


reveals "no mistake state accumulated"


offers wedged : 0

I have actually mounted efficiently on 23 latops having very same equipment yet on 2 laptop computers I obtained the above menioned trouble.

The laptop computers are Dell vostro 1014. They had ubuntu 8.10 preinstalled, which functioned flawlessly well.

Both laptop computers pass memtest.

Mounting ubuntu alternate offers very same trouble.

2019-05-18 20:35:06
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Answers: 2

Try the Alternate installer CD, it works with several computer systems on which the visual install chokes on.


2019-05-21 08:02:08

Try running a memtest on the falling short laptop computers - it can be conjured up from the Ubuntu installment CD if you hold back shift as it start up. It is most likely to be a falling short RAM greater than anything, if the laptop computers equal.

2019-05-21 03:41:24