AdSupported Angry Birds variations maintain collapsing on Android 2.2.1 Tablet COMPUTER

After RTFM, I determined to ask the inquiry below.

Tool is a common android tablet computer tool (,

idenfied as: "sec_smdkv210". below is the construct finger print:. " sec_smdkv210/ smdkv210/smdkv210:2.2.1/ FRF91/eng. origin.20110224.011402: eng/release". Android Version: 2.2.1

Problem takes place after I release Angry Birds Rio, and also attempt to play the first degree, at the very start, it simply gives up from the video game.

System Log:

Game is an adsupported variation 1.0.0 downloaded and install from market.

No advertisement blocker mounted, no add - ons. Tool is rooted by z4root, yet prior to or after rooting, practices is very same. Additionally, very same crash practices is observed with Angry Birds Seasons, yet slighly various, it collapses if you attempt to stop and also refill the degree throughout the video game, resulting a similiar crash log which I really did not trouble to paste below once more.

Very same string shows up in the crash log prior to the crash:

JNI WARNING: obtained null jstring (Check_GetStringUTFChars)

W/dalvikvm (25888): JNI WARNING: obtained null jstring (Check_GetStringUTFChars) I/dalvikvm (25888): "GLThread 9" prio = 5 tid = 8 NATIVE. I/dalvikvm (25888): | team = "major" sCount = 0 dsCount = 0 s = N obj = 0x46f97d70 self = 0x225c10. I/dalvikvm (25888): | sysTid = 25895nice = 0 sched = 0/ 0 cgrp = default take care of = 2251432I/dalvikvm (25888): | schedstat = (7639180271_5104522289_130271) I/dalvikvm (25888): at com.rovio.ka3d.WebViewWrapper.urlLoadedCallback (Native Method) I/dalvikvm (25888): at com.rovio.ka3d.WebViewWrapper.access$ 500 ( _ rt . I/dalvikvm (25888): at com.rovio.ka3d.WebViewWrapper$ 8. run ( _ rt . I/dalvikvm (25888): at com.rovio.ka3d.MyRenderer.handleEvents ( _ rt . I/dalvikvm (25888): at com.rovio.ka3d.MyRenderer.onDrawFrame ( _ rt . I/dalvikvm (25888): at com.rovio.ka3d.GLSurfaceView$ GLThread.guardedRun ( _ rt . I/dalvikvm (25888): at com.rovio.ka3d.GLSurfaceView$ ( _ rt

Trying to relocate from SD card to tool did not aid. Attempting to transform the tool place from Turkish to English did not aid. Attempting to upgrade the tool from supplier is website, did not aid (it did not upgraded the android variation, just supplier is construct number transformed) Trying to root the tool, did not aid.

Any person could recommend what could be taking place below?

Ideal Regards,. q.m.

2019-05-18 20:36:01
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Answers: 1

It resembles it is primarily a null reminder mistake when Angry birds attempts to create a surface area, which possibly suggests that your tool is merely unable of doing the video clip providing required. I do not think Angry Birds Rio has a Light variation, unlike the normal video game, so you are possibly unfortunate unless they release a variation for much less - qualified tools.


Q: I have a trouble with the Angry Birds. What should I do?

A: Check Rovio's internet - web pages and also surf this FAQ area for a remedy. If you can not locate remedies for your trouble or inquiries, please call Rovio's consumer assistance by email and also give as much details concerning your trouble as feasible: phone/device version and/or variation, phone/device os variation, Angry Bird video game's name and also its variation, a thorough trouble summary.

2019-05-21 03:45:01