Where is "Back up my information" saved? Can it be modified?

Any person recognize just how to reach it? It is out the Google Dashboard, or connected to from the programmer docs. I've also dug via the code, yet it is perplexing. Any person recognize a means to download it, and also even better, post a substitute?

For context: My phone occasionally begins acting unusual (arbitrary hangs and/or restarts), and also one concept is that some component of my backup is obtaining occasionally damaged, due to the fact that despite having a tough reset some troubles lingered, yet vanished when I got rid of "Back up my information" prior to doing an additional manufacturing facility reset. Since points have actually begun to get unusual once more, I'm asking yourself if I can download and install that backup information and also maintain simply particular components of it.

2019-05-18 20:36:48
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There isn't any kind of means to reach it. It is primarily activating and also off a programmer encountering backup attribute. Each application can write what it intends to right into a particular quantity of room, and also Google cares for sending it back to the application when it is re-installed.

Also if you were to write an application for it, you 'd just have the ability to access the storage connected to that programmer key, not the various other applications that make use of the solution.

For even more details on what that alternative does, see my solution here.

2019-05-21 03:19:47