Force Reload Image in Web Browser

I located that occasionally a photo will not load totally on my internet browser, and also when I push F5, as opposed to refetching the photo from the server, the internet browser refills it from the cache. Exists anyhow to compel the server to resend the photo?

Edit: I am making use of Google Chrome.

Keep in mind: But I am talking below as an end Internet customer, not as a programmer. So the suggestion to change the HTML to place in an arbitrary number does not function below.

2019-05-18 20:37:50
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On several internet browsers, pushing Control - F5 will certainly refill the web page and also bypass the cache. The Wikipedia "Bypass your cache" web page has information for all modern-day internet internet browsers.

For Chrome, it shows up that since this creating there is a validated bug where it will certainly occasionally not bypass cache when refilling with Ctrl+F5 as it is recorded. The only alternative in the meantime is to clear the cache entirely, after that refilled the web page. Below is some conversation of the concern:

2019-05-21 02:25:48