Receive VoIP call using Google Voice = > IPKall = > Sip2Sip = > Android?

I'm attempting to arrangement VoIP calling to/from my Android phone.

I'm presently working with the inbound call component of the formula. To attempt to separate the numerous components, I began with the "IPKall = > Sip2Sip" component of the formula, and also validated that calling the IPKall contact number causes a videotaped inbound get in touch with Sip2Sip.

I after that included "Sip2Sip" as a SIP carrier on my Android phone, and also located that calling the IPKall number causes the Android phone buzzing.

Nonetheless, and also this is where I require aid , despite the fact that it is calling, when I most likely to address the call, I am incapable to grab the call. Any kind of suggestions on just how to repair this?

Variation of Android is 2.3 Gingerbread.

2019-05-18 20:38:04
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