What should I backup prior to mounting a new ROM?

What do I require to backup (making use of Titanium Backup) if I intend to have the 'very same system' after using new variation of a ROM?

Is it far better to set up every little thing from square one or recover my information from the backup?

I have a HTC Desire and also I'm updating from CENTIMETERS rc2 to CENTIMETERS rc4

2019-05-18 20:38:21
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Jumping in between ROMs in the very same growth collection is generally secure without supporting or cleaning the information dividing (although the cache and also Dalvik cache need to constantly be cleaned), unless the installation guidelines especially inform you to clean the information dividing (which appears not likely in this instance ; if such a radical adjustment were required, it should not be a release prospect anymore). I would certainly however back every little thing up simply in instance, both application backup like Titanium Backup and also Nandroid backup from the recuperation dividing, yet after that I'm paranoid like that.

Leaping to a various collection (claim, CM6 to CM7, or CENTIMETERS to aosp) you need to constantly support every little thing and also clean every little thing.

2019-05-21 04:00:38

In order to stay clear of any kind of opportunity of information loss if something goes actually incorrect (never ever taken place to me, yet ...) you need to backup:

  1. Installed applications, if you do not. intend to install every one of the mounted. applications in instance of failing.
  2. Sent and also obtained SMS, MMS
  3. Photos and also Videos if you saved it. generally memory (not usual)
  4. Contacts (just otherwise integrated. with a Gmail account).
  5. E-mails (just otherwise integrated with. a Gmail account).
  6. Schedule (just otherwise integrated. with a Gmail account).

Primarily if you intend to make certain that absolutely nothing can fail, you require to backup all your information and also arrangement.

There are applications to do this, like Titanium backup

2019-05-21 02:00:25