Application for remote - cleaning a lost phone without handing accessibility to my information to a 3rd - event?

Or needing to pay a registration?

I have a suggestion for a theoretical Android application. Inform me if something currently exists.

  1. You install a web server in an equipment you have complete control of, and also is (ideally, yet not obligatorily) online 24/ 7.
  2. You install the customer application on your phone. You configure it to connect to the hostname/port the web server you mounted in # 1 is paying attention to.
  3. The customer application does a connect every 5 mins approximately. (Configurable.) It supports your information to your web server equipment if you configured it to do so.
  4. Your phone is shed or swiped.
  5. You connect to yourcomputer: yourport and also feed it the Nuking Password. The web server application hashes your Nuking Password and also shops it at a predefined area (i.e. yourcomputer: yourport/Nuke)
  6. Like in every guard dog connect, your phone attempts to download and install yourcomputer: yourport/Nuke - yet this moment it does well. It after that hashes its very own in your area saved duplicate of the Nuke Password and also, if it is a suit, it nukes all information in the phone. Prior to doing the items of wiping out that will certainly eliminate Internet accessibility, it reports to the web server that the nuke command experienced.

Can be boosted, certainly. Yet inform me, exists a FOSS application like that someplace? I visualize it would certainly be specifically cool for organisations that release smart devices for a variety of staff members.

2019-05-18 20:43:17
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I do not recognize of an application that fulfills your specific needs. Yet a less complex variation that is (in my point of view) just as safe and secure is an Android application that pays attention for a details SMS message, and also cleans the phone. Remote Wipe does this. Certainly, it does not totally eliminate the phone is software program (that would certainly be really tool - details and also call for a changed bootloader most of the times) ; and also it could be valuable to make use of among the applications that reports the phone is physical area also, if you intend to recoup it.

2019-05-21 03:22:54

This is virtually what takes place if you connect your phone to a company MS Exchange web server.

I assume it is feasible with various other Exchange Active Sync suitable web servers that sustain the Exchange smart phone security plans. If any one of the FOSS Exchange/messaging duplicates presently implement the security plans, after that this would certainly all be feasible on any kind of Android 2.x phone without requiring anything apart from constructed - in software program on the customer.

2019-05-21 03:18:36