Prove viable instructions

If $x$ is a component in a typical convex straight optimization set constricted by $Ax = b, x \geq 0$, after that just how can I confirm $d$ is a viable instructions just if $Ad=0$ and also $di \geq 0$ for every single $i$ where $xi=0$?

2019-05-18 20:46:04
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[ EDITED after OP is explanation that $i$ is a. ]

If I understand of viable instructions right after that it suggests that $x+\lambda d$ needs to remain in the restraint set for some $\lambda>0$.

  1. Intend that $Ad \neq 0$. After that $A(x+\lambda d)=b+\lambda Ad \neq b$, going against the equal rights restraint.

  2. Intend that there is an $i$ such that $x_i=0$ yet $d_i<0$. After that $x_i+\lambda d_i<0$ for all $\lambda>0$ and also therefore the non - negative thoughts restraint would certainly be gone against.

2019-05-21 02:13:28