Why does not "rvm install ruby - head" do anything?

I simply tidy mounted my ubuntu 10.10, after that i mounted some essential plans and afterwards rvm, yet when I write the rvm install ruby-head command, after that it is similar to y press enter upon the covering, absolutely nothing takes place, also a mistake message, what could be taking place?

2019-05-18 20:47:43
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Well, this is not the last remedy to this, yet you can see the readily available checklist of rubies in rvm with the command

rvm checklist recognized

Then I mounted the virtually last variation of ruby, due to the fact that ruby - 1.9.2 - head does not function also, so

rvm install ruby - 1.9.2

That is a provisory remedy for this trouble, currently the factor? I do not recognize

2019-05-21 02:18:13