When telephoning, exists some means to 'claim' the figures to a food selection system in stead of needing to enter them on the key-board

On my Samsung Galaxy S (running Froyo) I was telephoning my voice mail system, where I need to push 1 to listen to the message , 2 to get rid of the message ... you recognize what I suggest.

When picking a number I frequently need to remove the phone from my ear , enter a figure and also than (promptly) placed it to my ear once more to 'listen to' the new food selection alternatives.

I was simply asking yourself: exists any kind of means to claim the figures, in stead of needing to type them?

That would certainly come in handy no? Possibly, you need to push one switch to start the system, yet also that is better to the existing means.

2019-05-18 20:48:16
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Basically, the trouble with this is that your phone can not compare what you intend to claim and also send to the various other end of the discussion, and also words you intend to be commands to the phone. What happens if you call a computerized system that claims "Say 'one' for X. Say '2' for Y."? When you claim 'one' or '2', there is no other way (without really innovative AI) for the phone to determine whether you planned to send that speech (as an example "2") or planned it to be a command for the phone to dial (' 2').

You can perhaps have a personalized dialer application where if you push a switch on your phone, it quits sending your voice and also approves commands, and also pushing once more quits approving commands and also returns to sending your voice. I would certainly wager a great deal of loan that no person has actually made such a personalized dialer.

Certainly, there are several phones where you can enter "stops" right into the dialer, adhered to by food selection selections. As an example, 555 - 555 - 5555 - PAUSE - PAUSE - PAUSE - 2 - PAUSE - 1 will certainly:

  1. Dial 555 - 555 - 5555
  2. Wait for the call to connect
  3. Press '2' (for a food selection alternative)
  4. Wait for the next food selection
  5. Press '1' (for a food selection alternative)

This could offer your demands if you recognize the food selection format, yet or else I assume you are stuck (unless you intend to make use of earphones as Lie Ryan recommends).

2019-05-19 12:58:50