Log - documents examination and also monitoring on a LAMP pile

I'm taken part in a handful internet - growth tasks working on a LAMP pile. My existing device - set for evaluating and also bugfixing is:

  • the software programs constructed - in log - visitor and so on, and also
  • running "sudo tail - f/ var/log/apache2/ error.log" from the command - line, and also
  • " sudo tail - f/ var/log/apache2/ access.log"

That is virtually what I've done on the web server - side. I'm new to evaluating the web server - side, so I'm fairly satisfied with this marginal arrangement. Establishing manuscripts to automate points a little bit is most definitely a next activity for me.

My inquiry is: What devices (CLI/GUI) or command - line commands do you make use of to maintain track, evaluate and also handle your log - documents on your LAMP pile?

2019-05-18 20:48:24
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Answers: 3

Splunk is impressive for monitoring manufacturing settings.

I've never ever actually tried to utilize it for growth nonetheless - appears a little bit unwieldy.


2019-05-21 03:24:15

Logcheck is an excellent way of surveillance manufacturing systems. You configure it to overlook the "regular" log messages, and also it e-mails you every little thing else every hr.

Nonetheless, due to the fact that it does not signal you to messages as they show up, it might not be so valuable in a growth scenario where you remain in a code - run - debug loop.

2019-05-21 03:19:19

You can make use of MultiTail as a means to evaluate several log files, and also utilize its highlighting/filtering with normal expressions includes to see to it that what you are seeking will certainly constantly turn up.

2019-05-21 03:14:39