Binding Port 25 (SMTP) to all Servers in an SAP System (for incoming e - mail)

I have actually set up incoming e - mail in my SAP system and also it functions great, nonetheless it will certainly not permit me to bind port 25 to greater than 1 application web server at the very same time.

This suggests that there is 1 factor of failing.

Just how can I bind port 25 to greater than 1 application web server? Or exists a different remedy that I should be considering?

Many thanks.

2019-05-18 20:50:23
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Actually it shows up that purchase SMICM just reveals the port as being energetic on the web server that you are presently logged onto with the SAP GUI.

If I most likely to SM51 and also log onto an additional application web server, after that most likely to SMICM, it reveals port 25 as being energetic because web server.

So actually port 25 was bound on all web servers, it is simply that the screen in purchase SMICM did not mirror this.

2019-05-22 23:13:56

I'm not exactly sure if this is the solution you are seeking, yet could you make use of various mx documents to indicate various ip's?

These ips could after that be made use of to course the details where you require it?

Or else to stay clear of the 1 factor of failing, possibly you could arrangement an additional mail server, which could receive mail too, and also re straight it to the SAP system?

Do you not currently have 1 factor of failing by having a solitary server?

Sorry if this does not aid in all, or I am mentioning the noticeable.


2019-05-21 11:09:39

You can not bind even more after that one procedure (icmp in this instance) to tcp port on one IP address. Relying on you system landscape you have numerous alternatives.

  • Do not bother with solitary factor of failing. The inbound smtp website traffic will certainly be retried by the sending out web server. The icmp procedure is supervised, and also reactivated, by the dispatcher. So if its down you possibly have extra significant troubles after that the inbound smtp trouble.
  • If you have numerous application web servers, after that you can simply make use of every one of them as smtp hosts. This is carried out in the instance account. After that, as lens has actually kept in mind, you set up the dns with all those ip as mx documents. A lot of the moment you do not desire your sap web server to be encountering the net straight so this alternative requires some dns hoax.
  • If you bother with solitary factor of failing, after that your main instance has to be currently gathered. If this holds true. After that the icmp is as durable as any kind of various other component in your sap installment.
2019-05-19 17:54:08