OWA not functioning from outside the network

I have an Exchange web server behind an ISA 2004 web server and also from inside the network, it is feasible to accessibility Outlook Web Access. I have actually released the web server yet from outside the network I'm not also reaching the login screen. The ISA log shows that the HTTPS website traffic on port 443 is being obstructed by my default refute - all regulation.

Just how do I deal with settling this trouble?

2019-05-18 20:50:58
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If it is striking the default refute - all regulation it suggests it is missing your personalized regulation for one reason or another.

You require to identify why that is, examine the DNS, ports etc

2019-05-21 11:19:07

You need to turn on SSL (checkbox) on the weblistener for the general public IP address.

Do you permit the https method (tcp port 443) in your incoming regulations? Is it made it possible for?

There is an excellent tutorial for ISA Server 2004 below: Publishing Outlook Web Access (OWA) Sites using ISA Server 2004 Firewalls

For ISA Server 2006, look below: Using the 2006 ISA Firewall (RC) to Publish OWA Sites – Single Exchange Server Scenario

2019-05-21 11:13:25

Turns out that there was a concern with the SSL certification. I settled the concern by removing the pertinent certifications on both the ISA web server and also SBS web server. I developed a new certification on my SBS Server and afterwards exported the certification (with it is exclusive key) to the ISA web server. I transformed the OWA Listener to take advantage of the new certification and also voila!

Many thanks for aiming me in the appropriate instructions

2019-05-19 20:15:16