OpenVZ move and also failover from NAS?

Exists any kind of sustained means besides making use of a SAN (with one VE on a LUN) to have movement and also failover in an OpenVZ collection? From what I've read, points like NFS will certainly not function, yet I have not seen any kind of clear-cut details in English.

2019-05-18 20:51:37
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I did attempt (making use of 2.6.26 OpenVZ from Debian) running VE documents - systems over NFS (I had vzquota impaired, yet do not recognize if it is called for) and also it functioned, although rather gradually contrasted to neighborhood disk efficiency (which is anticipated).

I would certainly recommend some sort of block degree fall short - over as opposed to NFS (DRBD is currently recommended), yet than once more your NFS NAS could be far better than my examination setting: -)

I can not actually advise making use of collection documents - system over common storage space, due to the fact that I in fact attempted to make OpenVZ very readily available making use of OCFS2 and also HP Eva storage space, yet it was fairly slow-moving (partially as a result of storage space, partially as a result of OCFS2) and also had uncertain efficiency features (I assume that is storage space is mistake).

2019-05-31 12:59:36

I can not consider any kind of reason that OpenVZ VMs over NFS would not function, although I have not attempted it myself. The trouble with making use of NFS is that you are simply relocating your solitary factor of failing from the OpenVZ web server to the NFS web server, so unless that is HA too, you are not actually any kind of far better off.

My favorite documents storage space duplication device is DRBD, which need to function instead perfectly with something like Heartbeat to take care of the failover.

2019-05-21 11:32:53