How to arrange Maildir subdirectories

I have a mailserver:

  • Postfix for transfer
  • Dovecot/IMAP for reviewing
  • Maildir for storage space
  • Thunderbird as major sustained customer (yet certainly, I intend to work with all)
  • Roundcube for webmail accessibility

I can not appear to locate a proper means to arrange my Maildirs. Presently, my individual one resembles this:

drwx------ 5 bartvh bartvh   4096 May  5 19:42 .Drafts
drwx------ 5 bartvh bartvh   4096 May  7 16:55 .INBOX.Concepten // Dutch for drafts
drwx------ 5 bartvh bartvh   4096 May  7 12:14 .INBOX.Junk
drwx------ 5 bartvh bartvh   4096 May  7 12:14 .INBOX.Trash
drwx------ 5 bartvh bartvh   4096 May  7 16:54 .INBOX.Verzonden // Dutch for Sent
drwx------ 5 bartvh bartvh   4096 May  6 19:50 .Junk
drwx------ 5 bartvh bartvh   4096 Apr 27 14:41 .Ongewenste e-mail // Dutch for Junk
drwx------ 5 bartvh bartvh   4096 May  6 08:26 .Sent
drwx------ 5 bartvh bartvh   4096 May  6 12:09 .Trash
drwx------ 2 bartvh mail    45056 May  8 08:24 cur
-rw------- 1 bartvh bartvh     17 Feb 14 19:03 dovecot-keywords
-rw------- 1 bartvh bartvh  26778 May  8 08:24 dovecot-uidlist
-rw------- 1 bartvh bartvh   7264 May  8 08:24 dovecot.index
-rw------- 1 bartvh bartvh 411648 May  8 08:24 dovecot.index.cache
-rw------- 1 bartvh bartvh  19248 May  8 08:24 dovecot.index.log
drwx------ 2 bartvh mail    12288 May  8 08:24 new
-rw------- 1 bartvh bartvh    109 May  7 16:55 subscriptions
drwx------ 2 bartvh mail     4096 May  8 08:16 tmp

As you can see, it is a mess and also there is a great deal of double things. The ones with.INBOX prior to them were developed by Thunderbird, the various other ones I made myself, I assume. Nonetheless, I can not actually appear to get TB collaborating with them. They do not show up there. In addition, suddenly, TB will not see any one of the folders any longer. If I click Inbox - > Concepten it will certainly chew out me claiming ". INBOX.INBOX.Concepten does not exist" ??

What can I do to arrange this? What is the preferred means?

2019-05-18 20:57:10
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The one making the "mess" isn't the web server, yet your customers, when establishing choices on what name to provide to directory sites, and also while defining the IMAP origin course. With Dovecot, which is what you are making use of, you need to leave the IMAP origin vacant on your customers setups, to instantly identify. On RoundCube, leave the adhering to arrangement setups as they originate from default:

$rcmail_config['imap_root'] = null;
$rcmail_config['imap_delimiter'] = null;

So RoundCube will instantly establish the IMAP is origin directory site.

2019-05-21 11:31:40

Yeah, there is no actual criterion for just how to arrange mail boxes in a Maildir - - various programs have various suggestions of just how points need to be outlined.

In all sincerity, it is best simply to accessibility every little thing using IMAP and also allow the IMAP web server manage the foldering.

2019-05-21 02:54:45

I Agree with @David_Collantes: the one making the mess is your numerous customers which I believe have various suggestions concerning your Maildir namespace.

In Thunderbird most likely to Server Setting - > Advanced and also set your 'Personal namespace' to ".". You could additionally need to uncheck the 'Allow web server to bypass these namespaces' box.

This setup regulates where the customer seeks folders. So you can make a subsection of your IMAP folders that is simply for thunderbird.

2019-05-19 17:02:55