Google Calendar: How can I show or hide numerous schedules with one click?

I make use of Google Calendar at the workplace and also I have accessibility to great deals of my colleagues' schedules that makes the sight rather unpleasant, so I primarily maintain them concealed. Exists a means (possibly with some plugin or expansion) to show and also hide all these schedules with one click?

2019-05-18 20:59:15
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I understand that you are especially requesting for one click, still I would certainly such as to supply a (primarily) 3 click remedy as most likely handy too (for any person not knowledgeable about it currently at the very least ;)

  1. Within the left sidebar, under Other schedules , click Settings .
  2. Within the 2nd column, under SHOW IN LIST , click all/none as ideal.
  3. Near the bottom left, click Back to schedule .

Clearly, relying on your schedule circulation in between the upper and also lower area, you could require to click all/none afterward in the various other area too at some point.

In instance this actually does not offer your demands, it needs to without a doubt be feasible to expand Google calendar using the Calendar APIs and Tools (the schedule class has a surprise building) and/or a Calendar Sidebar Gadget - I'm not knowledgeable about an existing remedy supplying the wanted capability, so you'll require to roll your very own in instance.

2019-05-21 05:19:44

There is no person - click remedy for this, and also no key-board faster way that I recognize of, yet there is a 2 - click remedy.

Under "My Calendars", locate your schedule (It goes to the first), click the down arrowhead and also select "Display just this schedule".

That is 2 clicks ;)

Sadly, there is no other way to recover the schedules to the previous sight (prior to you picked "Display just this schedule").

Edit: Well I re - read your inquiry. I presume my solution is noticeable, yet it does address half your inquiry ;)

2019-05-21 04:41:07