How to have phone focus on encrypted Wi - Fi hotspots?

I have a Wi - Fi remedy comparable to FON which has an encrypted exclusive residence Wi - Fi hotspot and also a visitor network which is unencrypted and also calls for one to visit daily. My trouble (or instead, aggravation) is that the phone appears to favor the unencrypted visitor network. I have it made it possible for due to the fact that I can make use of other individuals is guest networks when I'm strolling concerning in the city. It would certainly make good sense that in between an encrypted and also unencrypted hotspot, it would certainly be important to favor the encrypted one, no matter signal toughness. Exists any kind of means to settle this?

2019-05-18 21:00:36
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Is your tool rooted? If so, you can access the/ data/misc/wifi/ wpa_supplicant. conf documents and also set/edit the top priority area for each and every network. I checked out on the marketplace, and also I have not had the ability to locate any kind of applications that will certainly permit you to modify this area in a GUI, or otherwise to do it without origin. I have not directly trying out it either, so I'm not 100% certain just how it will certainly function, yet it is the only alternative I've located that resembles it could aid you regulate which network your phone attaches to when there are numerous set up networks within array.

2019-12-02 00:49:52

You can transform the visitor network to be reduced top priority by editing and enhancing the supplicant.conf documents (possibly calls for origin, or adb usage). You can figure out what documents this is by considering /etc/wifi/wifi.conf ; the documents you require is set as the SUPP_CONFIG_FILE building is value. Generally it is /data/wifi/bcm_supp.conf or /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf. You'll see access like the adhering to because documents :

    ssid="network name"
    someotherproperty="some other value"

You intend to have priority=0 for the networks you the very least intend to connect to, and also a greater top priority for networks you do intend to connect to. If you simply have "don't want" and also "want", usage 0 and also 1. If you have "don't want", "not preferred", "preferred", and also "super - preferred", usage values 0, 1, 2, and also 3 specifically. You understand.

2019-12-02 00:47:41