Free, exclusive databases where I can store and also take care of task documents?

Exist any kind of excellent free databases where I can store and also handle my task is documents?

I recognize of some, yet I've listened to that any person can modify your documents.

Do you recognize of any kind of excellent database which is free and also where just we deserve to modify or make any kind of adjustments to the saved documents?

Please state the benefits and drawbacks of ones you recommend, as well as additionally when possible, clarify the procedure of use of that database.

2019-05-18 21:01:45
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Assembla additionally supplies free SVN or Git repository hosting.

Their free strategies have endless users/repos (public or exclusive) with 2GB complete disk room.

2019-05-22 22:51:06

I'm making use of Unfuddle given that virtually 2 years. Excellent, trusted and also free. I advise it.

2019-05-22 22:44:55

I have actually been making use of It is really wonderful and also incorporates with a great deal of various other on-line systems such as basecamp and also Fogbuzz to name a few. It just supplies subversion organizing on the free strategy though.

2019-05-22 22:44:04

GitHub often tends to be one of the most preferred already, its only downside being that any kind of free task needs to be open resource.

2019-05-22 21:45:27

I am making use of Beanstalk - they have a free strategy and also I like it.

Some attributes consisted of in all variations:

Private Repositories - By default both Git and also Subversion databases are exclusive. SSL Encryption

Enables 128 - little bit SSL security over HTTP (HTTPS) for even more safe and secure check outs and also devotes. Daily Backups

Daily back-ups of all consumer information.

2019-05-22 21:45:03

I have a free SVN account on a website called Unfuddle. Functions wonderful with both Eclipse and also Visual Studio. They additionally give GIT and also Trac assistance. While their free strategy is excellent sufficient for me, a lot of their plans appearance fairly budget friendly if you have a group.

2019-05-21 06:28:50

I wound up making use of ProjectLocker. Mostly create it was extremely very easy to make use of! They give Source Control, Automated Builds, Trac, Wikis.

2019-05-21 06:02:04

If you are made use of to VCSes there are plenty selections, like the one GoodEnough aimed. Yet to a more comprehensive public there are the on-line back-up and also sharing internet applications like DropBox

2019-05-21 03:55:15


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2019-05-21 03:48:53

bitbucket supplies a free strategy that permits you to have endless exclusive and also public databases shared in between 5 customers maximum. You would certainly require to make use of Mercurial or Subversion to take care of the documents though, yet if you know with resource control devices it need to be very easy sufficient.


  • Unlimited room and also databases
  • Integrates with various other solutions (ex-spouse: with Basecamp)
  • Comes with its very own Wiki
  • Now possessed by Atlassian (there need to be some attributes to incorporate the solution with Jira and also Confluence some day)


  • You require to make use of Git, Mercurial or Subversion to access it (you can read the documents with an internet browser, yet to add and also modify you would certainly require among those devices).
2019-05-21 03:23:23