How can I figure out why Yahoo! identifies my mail as spam?

I've a Yahoo! e-mail account and also when sending out e-mails from my firm to it, they constantly in the beginning get involved in Spam. It is not concerning that I can not locate the "No spam" switches, yet whenever a person from our firm sends out a person at Yahoo an e-mail, till it is effectively flagged, they all in the beginning are obtaining disposed, and also missed out on, right into the Spam folder.

Sadly I'm unable to identify what sort of plans are in charge of identifying those e-mails as spam. We are going out very own Microsoft 2003 Exchange based e-mail web server, yet do not have such troubles with others (Hotmail, Gmail,, etc).

Exists any kind of opportunity to figure out what is bothering Yahoo!?

2019-05-18 21:05:05
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I do not assume you'll get any kind of straight details out of Yahoo! as that would possibly offer spammers a side in the never ever finishing battle in between the spammers and also spam filters.

Have you evaluated the headers as obtained by the Yahoo! account? They could have some details put by the spam filter.

Apart from that, call Yahoo! and also clarify the scenario. They could be able to add your domain name onto their white checklist.

2019-05-21 04:36:16