Copy/Paste initial message without linebreaks in Gmail?

Occasionally after I write an e-mail I intend to return and also copy/paste the message. In my sentbox after opening up the e-mail I get the message formatted to a size. In the reply it is additionally formatted to a details size.

Just how do I get the message in such a way so I can copy/paste it to a Word record as regular paragraphs as opposed to a Gmail formatted size e-mail?

2019-05-18 21:06:15
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Have you attempted "Show Original" from the message decline - down food selection? That offers you a monospace typeface sight of the whole e - mail message consisting of headers.

2019-05-21 03:56:07

You can merely click Forward (or press F if you have Keyboard faster ways made it possible for) and afterwards the Plaint Text switch from the toolbar.

Or if your message is currently in Plain Text, after that GMail by default breaks lengthy lines in a details size by including end line personality. In order to remove these breaks you need to do it by hand from Word (unless you have any kind of various other full-screen editor that have this as an alternative) similar to this:

  1. Select one paragraph
  2. Ctrl+H to Search and also Replace
  3. Put ^p in the Find area
  4. Put a solitary room in the Replace With area
  5. Click the Replace All switch
  6. Continue with the next paragraph
2019-05-21 03:46:23