Disable commenting - capacity on an image - by - image basis

I would certainly such as to disable the commenting function for every one of my friends for several of my images yet except every one of them or my standing updates which is the only privacy control board I can locate. Is this feasible?

2019-05-18 21:06:43
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The Facebook privacy setups do not permit you to disable talk about a details image or cd. You can exclude particular close friends from talking about (all) blog posts, that includes images, yet it will certainly additionally maintain them from talking about standing updates and also various other wall surface blog posts.

The closest you can reach what you desire is to place all the "no comment" images right into several cds, after that hide those cds from individuals you do not desire talking about them. Nonetheless, if you still desire them to be able to see the images, you run out good luck.

2019-05-31 14:40:40