How can I detect a superdrive that will not read disks?

My MacBook (Snow Leopard) appears to be incapable to read DVDs and also CDs. When I insert a disk (DVD or CD, I've attempted a number of each), the drive rotates up, and also (it seems like) relocates the laser to and fro a couple of times, after that expels the disk. I have not attempted empty media.

I've looked around the webs, and also it resembles I might be experiencing a reasonably usual trouble, yet I do not intend to leap to verdicts. However, all the strings I've located are loaded with "me also, me also", and also not a whole lot in regards to real aid.

What devices can I make use of, or examinations can I run, to attempt to detect (and also probably also address) the trouble myself prior to I surrender and also change the drive?

2019-05-18 21:11:58
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Try running the Apple Hardware Test. If I bear in mind right, reboot holding D. If that does not function, reboot while holding D, with an OS X disk in. Certainly you'll require to have an exterior DVD drive for that to function.

2019-05-21 05:12:04

It would certainly depend first on what it suggests to not read the discs. Does the disc insert and afterwards eject, or merely disappoint up in the Finder? Does it place and also not melt effectively? etc

You can look for the optical drive in your System Profiler to see if the hardware exists (see: Disc Burning).

2019-05-21 05:07:54