How to transform rows right into columns in Google Spreadsheets?

I have a spread sheet in Google Docs with 2 information rows and also great deals of columns thus:

Is it feasible to conveniently transform these rows right into 2 columns and also great deals of rows (clearly preserving all details and also solutions)? To put it simply, to something similar to this:

 19.9.2009   967,15 €
 28.9.2009   950,78 €
12.11.2009   942,03 €
..           ..

There is possibly a cool mathematical term for such a conversion, yet I do not bear in mind which (matrix something?). Do not hesitate to recommend a far better name for the inquiry.

Edit : To make clear, inevitably I intend to remove the initial (2 row) variation and also proceed working with the transformed one. TRANSPOSE (), mentioned by Al Everett, obtained me really close yet not fairly there. I desire the raw information in the shifted variation, not cells that mirror the initial ones.

2019-05-18 21:13:27
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If you are making use of the old Google Spreadsheets, you intend to make use of the TRANSPOSE () function. (Google help: Array functions)

In the upper left cell where you desire this to show up, enter =TRANSPOSE(A5:Z6) (or whatever your information vary takes place to be).

If you desire the raw information back, you can replicate and also paste the values right into a fresh set of cells. (Highlight the cells you intend to replicate. Pick "Edit | Copy". Place your arrow on a new, vacant cell. Pick "Edit | Paste values just".)

2019-05-21 03:36:47