What is the distinction in between a Google Open Id and also a Google Profile?

Regarding I can inform, Google supplies 2 different Open Id is to all those that have a Google Account. The first is accessed with www.google.com/accounts/o8/id and also the 2nd is simply your Google account link.

  1. Why exist 2 various Open ID?

  2. If I make use of 1 Open ID on one website and also the various other Open ID on an additional website, are these websites linked? As an example, on if I join to Stack Overflow and also Super User making use of various Open Ids, will my accounts instantly get linked?

  3. Exist any kind of advantages/disadvantages to making use of one or the various other? As an example, exists any kind of details on the amount of websites give logins for each and every method? Is Google taking into consideration phasing one out or incorporating them with each other?

2019-05-18 21:20:17
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I do not recognize why there are 2, yet the google.com/accounts one preceded, perhaps prior to Google had public account web pages, and afterwards they could not transform the old one off.

The Google OpenID carrier returns an one-of-a-kind per - domain name key to the internet site, so they can not inform your Google address from your login. Nonetheless, this personal privacy action brings about problem when attempting to make use of the very same OpenID to recognize on your own on numerous relevant websites on various domain names, such as StackExchange, as the keys are all various, they can not be attached.

The Google Profile OpenID carrier makes use of the extra typical, regular key, strategy, yet reveals your account address to the internet site you are logging right into.

In response to examine number 2, no. Your accounts wont be connected instantly. StackOverflow and also SuperUser will certainly see them as entirely different logins. You require to utilize your Google Profile address to make that job.

I do not think that Google are intending on terminating one or the various other, yet if you are stressed, I would certainly stick to the Google Profile OpenID. Do not neglect that an OpenID is an OpenID, anywhere that sustains one sustains an additional, also if you need to type it in by hand as opposed to clicking a Google logo design.

2019-12-03 02:06:39

Both of these open IDs give the very same account details. And also they would certainly log you right into the very same account.

2019-05-21 04:20:22