What is the various of dropbox and also box.net?

The first distinction I state is the free storage space they distribute to customer:

  1. dropbox.com 2Gb - 10Gb (after doing the referencing)
  2. box.net just 1Gb

What else do you recognize?

2019-05-18 21:20:36
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Desktop folder sync

  • Not every person can sync a (windows) folder with Box.net (yet):

" We are presently turning out Sync in waves to our Business and also Enterprise consumers"

  • Dropbox sync device functions great with windows folders
    2 Notes:

    • does not resolve our company firewall program.
    • The installment of the Dropbox sync device does not request for an area: the application obtains mounted inside your customer account someplace. Which is also tiny for our company account.

    Yet @ residence it functions simply great!

2019-05-21 03:39:06