How can I get a DisplayLink USB monitor job under Ubuntu?

I have a DisplayLink - based exterior USB monitor, which has both power and also information over USB, and also appears to function flawlessly under Windows 7, yet just can present a message console under Ubuntu 10.10, which I can just make use of when I am in fact switched over to it. So the only Use I can have until now is to have some message - based surveillance or console that I can see while working with the visuals display screen.

I recognize there are some growth provided for DisplayLink, yet I never ever can get it to in fact run effectively.

Yes, I attempted the thorough arrangement defined in various other posts, yet they did not function, and also rather collapsed my X that I needed to recover.

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2019-05-18 21:22:46
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Maybe this will certainly get you a little more.

General DisplayLink adapter details for Linux is readily available here.

Additionally, if your key graphics adapter is from NVIDIA, you need to read this.

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2019-05-30 20:17:41