How to add a personalized internet search engine to Firefox?

Exists a means I can add a personalized search URL to the Firefox search bar? as an example I would certainly such as to give a URL such as, where Firefox changes the %s with the web content of the search box.

Both IE and also Opera can do this, yet I can not identify just how to set it up in Firefox.

2019-05-18 21:22:54
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Here is a nice tutorial for Firefox is QuickSearch attribute:

Quick search in short, permits you to transform a regular routined internet search procedure right into a command line faster way. As an example, as opposed to mosting likely to to enter the search terms there, you can make use of "w mySearchTerm" from Firefox's address bar.

There are just a couple of actions you'll need to take:

  1. Right click the search input area on the internet page which gives the search kind
  2. Choose "Add a search phrase for this search."
  3. Offer the personalized search a name, you'll later on make use of for looking (instance: "mysrch" or a solitary letter)
  4. Search by putting "mysrch yourSearchTerm." in Firefox is address bar.
2019-05-21 04:42:35

I would certainly such as to give a URL such as "" where Firefox changes the %s with the web content of the search box.

You can do this with Firefox! Add a book mark with that said URL, where %s is the search question, after that merely set a search phrase for the book mark. You can after that search making use of <key> <search term> in the address bar. As an example, the book mark with keyword g suggests you can type g stack overflow in the address bar to search Google for "pile overflow".

Conversely, most likely to the website you intend to search, appropriate click in the search box and also click "Add a search phrase for this search".

2019-05-21 04:36:01

It is as straightforward as appropriate clicking in a search area.

The various other benefit is that this procedure develops a book mark for you. If you make use of something like XMarks to integrate your book marks, you can access the very same search capability throughout all synchronised computer systems.

2019-05-21 04:09:33

The Add to Search Bar expansion allows you create a new search addon with simply an appropriate - click.

2019-05-21 04:02:29

Add search phrases to the address bar:

For instance, you can set up your internet browser to look for bread at by merely keying so bread right into the omnibar.

Do this by appropriate - hitting on the search bar on the internet site you generally search. You can do this for the Search area on any kind of internet site.

Right click on the search bar


  1. Go to the website you intend to make use of to search
  2. Right - Click on the search box you fill in on their web page (not Firefox's)
  3. Select "Add a search phrase"
  4. Enter the search phrase to make use of when you intend to search because website (eg: "so")
2019-05-21 03:52:40