How can I install Windows after I've mounted Ubuntu?

I have Ubuntu on my laptop. Currently I desire install Windows 7 in a twin - boot. Just how can I do this?

I can not shed my Ubuntu documents, and also I hesitate that I could damage GRUB.

Go here for UEFI just!

2019-05-18 21:23:23
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The most conserve means is to install Windows 7 first and also to re-install Ubuntu afterwards. This will certainly make certain that grub jobs.

You can additionally modify your dividings with a real-time cd, and afterwards install Windows 7. When you have actually done this you boot right into Ubuntu with a real-time cd and also recover grub. This procedure nonetheless, is a little bit extra fragile than simply mounting them in the appropriate order.

2019-05-21 06:18:17

One excellent suggestions: When you make the different dividing for Windows 7, making use of gparted as an example, layout it to the NTFS today. Do not make use of Windows installer to layout the dividing, due to the fact that numerous times I had a scenario, when the Windows installer damaged the dividing table afterwards and also I needed to recover the shed dividing. So, as individuals advised below: making use of gparted, create different dividing, layout it to the ntfs, install windows there, after that recover grub making use of livecd or liveflash. You can make use of the SystemResqueCD for liveflash.

2019-05-21 06:08:27

I recommend you virtualize Windows 7 with something like VirtualBox (

This means you can run Windows and also Linux at the very same time, without the opportunity of damaging you Bootloader Grub.

I do not recognize why you intend to run Windows 7, yet if you do not require the complete equipment ability (Running the most up to date 3D Games as an example) of your computer system for windows after that virtualization can be an excellent remedy.

2019-05-21 05:19:35

First, you need to boot with a real-time CD/USB stick and also reduce your dividing in order to create a 2nd one. Windows 7 calls for and also develops a 2nd dividing which is called "system booked". I do not recognize why, yet it does. (So you will certainly wind up with 3 dividings or 4 if you have a swap dividing.)

When your dividing prepares, simply boot with your Windows 7 DVD/USB stick and also install Windows 7 on the new dividing.

When Windows 7 has actually been mounted, GRUB will certainly damage and also you will just have the ability to boot Windows (instantly). Simply boot with a real-time Ubuntu CD/USB stick and also repair it (just how it is stated in various other remarks).

Currently an additional concern that some customers might encounter:

I possess an HP Mini 210 netbook which featured Windows 7. I got rid of every little thing and also mounted Ubuntu. Later I determined to additionally re-install Windows 7 and also have a dual boot (required Windows for a details application from my college which would not go through a glass of wine). Back then I had 3 dividings:

- Ubuntu
- Swap
- Backup/download storage

Now when I attempted to install Windows 7 I encountered a trouble due to the fact that Windows 7 demands to create a 2nd key dividing (system booked). I currently had 3 dividings and also consequently was incapable to create 2 even more. The workaround below is to create an extended partition in which you will certainly include both swap and also backup storage space. Currently I have:

- Ubuntu (primary)
- Extended
  - Swap
  - Backup/download storage
- Windows 7 (primary)
- Windows 7 system reserved (primary)
2019-05-21 04:46:12

To install Windows you require a vacant dividing that will certainly be committed to Windows. If you do, after that proceed and also install on this making use of the regular installment procedure. After installment, reboot right into Windows and also reboot a couple of times extra to experience Windows ; -) (sorry, could not stand up to)

Like you claimed, this will certainly damage GRUB and also your computer system can just boot Windows hereafter. Do not misery, as there is an aid area committed to recovering GRUB and also having the ability to dual boot. Look here. After executing this, your computer system will certainly have the ability to boot Ubuntu along with Windows.

Prior to you start, really really meticulously write the area (disk drive number, make & dividing number within that) of the existing Ubuntu install (which you do not clearly intend to overwrite) and also the vacant dividing in which you intend to install windows. Additionally, throughout Windows installment, if it supplies to layout any kind of dividing apart from the one you are mounting Windows right into, please do decline.

2019-05-21 04:43:53

Here is the basic synopsis:

  1. Make room for Windows
  2. Install Windows
  3. Mount the /boot directory site or dividing
  4. Install the bootloader (GRUB)

Step Zero-- Backup your vital information prior to doing anything

Step One-- Make room for Windows

Open up GParted, and also see to it that you contend the very least 20 GB readily available for Windows 7, either as a dividing you can remove, or as unpartitioned room. If it is a dividing, remove it from GRUB to see to it it does not damage your Ubuntu install-- GParted will certainly whine if anything negative will take place.

Make note of existing /boot tool. If that does not turn up there, make note of the / tool. The tool name is something like sda5 .

Tip Two-- Install Windows

Install Windows 7 right into the room you simply made

Step Three-- Mount /boot

Note: Instead of placing the boot directory site or dividing from the installment in the real-time media setting you can define the course with the --boot-directory parameter for grub - install, even more details on the manpage.

Load up from your Ubuntu live CD, and afterwards run these commands.

  • If you DO NOT have a different /boot dividing:

    sudo mount /dev/DEVICENAME_FROM_STEP_ONE /mnt
    sudo rm -rf /boot    # Careful here, make sure YOU ARE USING THE LIVE CD. I tried it, it works.
    sudo ln -s /mnt/boot /boot
  • If you have a SEPARATE /boot dividing:

    sudo mount /dev/DEVICENAME_FROM_STEP_ONE /boot

Step Four-- Install the bootloader

Note: These guidelines were originally created for Windows 7 and also BIOS starting computer systems. If you have UEFI and also Windows 8 and also over you possibly require to change grub-pc with grub-efi-amd64 in sudo apt-get install grub-pc.

After that proceed with those commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install grub-pc
sudo grub-install /dev/sda     # NOTE THAT THERE IS NO DIGIT
sudo umount /boot

And reactivate. It needs to function great and also boot both systems.

2019-05-21 04:06:31