capture stdout and also stderr of all GUI programs?

When a GUI program breakdowns somehow (collisions, etc) I usually make use of the method of running it from the command line (as opposed to from the food selection). In this way I see the messages it outputs to stdout and also stderr which occasionally offers me an idea regarding what failed (or at the very least a message I can Google to take me better down the "remedy course").

Exists any kind of means I can get all GUI programs to conserve their stdout and also stderr someplace so I can detect troubles without needing to start them from the command line? Not just would this be easier, it would certainly aid customers that do not find out about this method.

2019-05-18 21:24:19
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You suggest, like the existing ~/.xsession-errors log?

However it often tends to get loaded with great deals of cautions & various other pointless messages.

2019-05-21 05:34:42

For a certain menu command, you can transform the command that start the application, as an example with alacarte in gnome , to come to be something comparable to:

command >~/log/command.out.log 2>~/log/command.err.log

where ~/log is a directory site formerly developed, and also command needs to be replaced with an actual command name.

If that do not function, install the command in a covering conjuration:

sh -c 'command >~/log/command.out.log 2>~/log/command.err.log'

Unfortunately, I are afraid there is no basic remedy.

2019-05-21 02:02:52