What are the most effective mnemonics to bear in mind vital routes?

In my work I educate a great deal of individuals to make use of macs. Given that you utilize what you remember I'm constantly on the keep an eye out for amusing or remarkable means to bear in mind keyboard or system faster ways (like you have the alternative to regulate retreat, I recognize it is corny, yet it benefits newbies!).

What are the mnemonics you make use of to bear in mind vital keyboard or system faster ways? Amusing is an incentive.


Sorry I've been away awhile and also have not upgraded my inquiry awhile. A little bit extra details - I'm educating an electronic class of 8,9 and also 10 year olds (that have a MacBook each) this year ; and also I'm seeking amusing means for them to bear in mind things you generally do on your mac. Children enjoy finding out faster ways (for one reason or another) and also any kind of point I can do to aid them construct self-confidence and also have a laugh is wonderful.

Below are the faster ways that would certainly come in handy:

  • Force Quit (That was my instance, you have the option to command escape).
  • Search (command space)
  • Command Tab
  • Expose (Four fingers down on the computer mouse pad!?)
  • Command ShiftK (Connect to a neighboring web server in finder)
  • Apple ShiftA for Applications
  • Anything else you could assume comes in handy.

I recognize it is a little an obscure inquiry, I'm simply seeking any kind of enjoyable and also very easy means to educate these faster ways.

2019-05-18 21:26:21
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Of one of the most generally made use of keyboard faster ways, I've located that the majority of new customers locate the ones for "cut" and also "paste" are one of the most hard to bear in mind. Uncomplicated, however, if you consider the "X" for "cut" as a set of scissors, and also "V" for paste as "viscous".

Yet blindingly amusing ones? Hmm, you've puzzled me there ...

2019-12-03 01:27:25

Spotlight :
I've heard it bore in mind as 'room command'. Like you are the leader of an advanced spacecraf and also you are talking with the computer system, asking it to seek something or open something.
You are regulating the room ship. Press command - room to accessibility Space Command.

2019-05-21 11:26:40

The most noticeable mnemonic is actually the first letter of the activity desired in mix with , as an example - F for 'Find'. The tough component comes when that is booked to a few other command than the planned.

I would certainly recommend first finding out one of the most made use of faster ways (possibly simply 1 or 2) and also start utilizing them whenever feasible. Eventually, when those come right from the back, create a behavior of taking on a couple of new faster ways each week or month, what appears to be ideal price for one. Progressively one recognizes a conciderable quantity of faster ways.

2019-05-21 05:40:19