How do you deal with configuration files in source control?

Allow is claim you have a regular internet application and also with a documents configuration.whatever. Every programmer working with the task will certainly have one variation for their dev boxes, there will certainly be a dev, prod and also phase variations. Just how do you manage this in resource control? Not sign in this documents in all, examine it with various names or do something expensive completely?

2019-05-18 21:26:51
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The remedy we make use of is to have just the solitary arrangement documents (web.config/ app.config), yet we add an unique area to the documents which contains setups for all settings.

There is a LOCAL, DEV, QA, PRODUCTION areas each having the arrangement keys pertinent to that setting in our config documents (s).

What make this all job is a setting up called xxx.Environment which is referenced in all of our applications (winforms and also webforms) which informs the application which setting it is operating.

The xxx.Environment setting up reviews a solitary line of details from the machine.config of the offered equipment which informs it that it gets on DEV, QA, etc This access exists on every one of our workstations and also web servers.

Hope this aids.

2022-06-27 16:35:15

Configuration is code, and also you need to variation it. We base our arrangement documents on usernames ; in both UNIX/Mac and also Windows you can access the customer is login name, and also as lengthy as these are one-of-a-kind to the task, you are great. You can also bypass this in the setting, yet you need to version control every little thing.

This additionally permits you to check out others' arrangements, which can aid detect construct and also system concerns.

2022-06-10 18:34:07

I've made use of the layout in the past, i.e, webdev.config,, etc, today favor the 'override documents' strategy. The web.config documents has most of the setups, yet an exterior documents has setting - details values such as db links. Excellent description on Paul Wilson's blog.

I assume this lowers the total up to replication in between the config documents which can create discomfort when including new values / features.

2022-06-08 09:18:47

On our task we have actually arrangement saved in documents with a prefix after that our construct system draws in the ideal arrangement based upon the existing system is hostname. This functions well for us on a reasonably tiny group, permitting us to use config adjustments to other individuals is documents if/when we add a new arrangement thing. Clearly this most definitely does not range to open source tasks with a boundless variety of programmers.

2022-06-08 07:10:19

+1 on the layout strategy.

Yet given that this inquiry has tag Git, the dispersed choice come to mind, in which modifications are gone on an exclusive screening branch:

A---B---C---D---           <- mainline (public)
     \       \
      B'------D'---        <- testing (private)

In this system, the mainline has a common, "template" config documents calling for the marginal quantity of changes to come to be useful.

Currently, developers/testers can fine-tune the config documents to their heart is material, and also just devote these adjustments in your area on one an exclusive screening branch (as an example B' = B+modifications). Each time mainline breakthroughs, they easily merge it right into screening, which causes merge devotes such as D' (= D+combined variation of B is modifications).

This system actually beams when the "template" config documents is upgraded: the adjustments from both sides get combined, and also are exceptionally most likely to result right into problems (or examination failings) if they are inappropriate!

2022-06-07 00:18:25

For a long period of time, I have actually done specifically what bcwood has actually done. I maintain duplicates of, web.test.config,, etc under resource control, and afterwards my build/deploy system relabels them instantly as it releases to numerous settings. You get a particular quantity of redundancy in between the documents (specifically with every one of the things in there), yet usually it functions actually well. You additionally need to see to it that every person on the group bears in mind to upgrade all the documents when they make an adjustment.

Incidentally, I such as to maintain ".config" at the end as the expansion to make sure that documents organizations do not get damaged.

Regarding neighborhood programmer variations of the config documents, I constantly attempt my ideal to urge individuals to make use of the very same neighborhood settings as high as feasible to make sure that there is no demand to have your very own variation. It does not constantly benefit every person, in which instance individuals generally simply change it in your area as required and also go from there. It is not also excruciating or anything.

2019-12-03 03:55:38

We simply maintain the manufacturing config documents signed in. It is the programmer is duty to transform the documents when they draw it out of resource secure for hosting or growth. This has actually melted us in the previous so I would not recommend it.

2019-12-03 01:32:07

Don't variation that documents. Variation a layout or something.

2019-05-21 04:40:54

Currently I have the "layout" config documents with an included expansion as an example:


However, I can see a concern with this method if essential adjustments have actually transformed.

2019-05-21 04:40:15

@Grant is right.

I'm on a group with near 100 various other programmers, and also our config documents are not explored resource control. We have variations of the documents in the database that are drawn with each check out yet they do not transform.

It is exercised rather well for us.

2019-05-21 04:39:08

What I've carried out in the past is to have a default config documents which is signed in to resource control. After that, each programmer has their very own override config documents which is left out from resource control. The application first lots the default, and afterwards if the override documents exists, lots that and also makes use of any kind of setups from the override in choice to the default documents.

As a whole, the smaller sized the override documents the far better, yet it can constantly have even more setups for a programmer with a really non - typical setting.

2019-05-21 04:38:51

I version control it, yet never ever push it to the various other web servers. If the manufacturing web server calls for an adjustment, I make that adjustment straight to the config documents.

It might not be rather, yet it functions simply great.

2019-05-21 04:37:35

The examined - in, simple - vanilla variation of app/web. config needs to be common adequate to work with all programmer equipments, and also be maintained to day with any kind of new setup adjustments, etc If you call for a details set of setups for dev/test/production setups, sign in different documents with those setups, as GateKiller mentioned, with some type of calling convention, though I generally select "", as not to transform the documents expansion.

2019-05-21 04:36:49

We make use of a layout config documents that is signed in to version control and afterwards an action in our automated construct to change details access in the layout documents with setting - details setups. The setting - details setups are saved in a different XML documents that is additionally under version control.

We are making use of MSBuild in our automated construct, so we make use of the XmlUpdate job from MSBuild Community Tasks to upgrade the values.

2019-05-21 04:19:18

My group maintains different variations of the config apply for each setting (, web.config.test, Our release manuscripts replicate out the proper variation, relabeling it to web.config. In this manner, we have complete version control on the config apply for each setting, can conveniently execute a diff, etc

2019-05-21 04:15:48