Gathering OS and also device variation numbers for construct archive objectives

Our automated construct equipment demands to archive the variation varieties of the OS plus numerous devices made use of throughout each construct. (In instance we ever before require to reproduce specifically the very same construct later, probably when the equipment is lengthy dead.)

I see the command "msinfo32.exe" can be made use of to unload an entire load of system variation details, which we could too archive.

Does any person recognize of a means to conveniently archive the variation varieties of the Visual Studio devices?

What devices do various other programmers make use of to collect this sort of details for archive objectives?

Added details for Fabio Gomes.

I concur with you that in 5 years time it'll possibly be difficult to recreate the specific OS and also device arrangement (to the local protection upgrade). However this actually originates from a legal need. As component of our deliverable to a consumer we have to give a duplicate of all resource code and also clear guidelines on specifically just how to reproduce the construct. It is possibly difficult for us to fulfill this need flawlessly.

So - I'll simply note your solution as proper (I concur with you that it is almost difficult), and also move on with having fun with the remainder of pile overflow.

PS. It would certainly be actually wonderful if pile overflow sustained respond to solutions as opposed to needing to modify the initial inquiry. Yet I see it has already been denied.

2019-05-18 21:27:31
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If you are improving the command line you can inform it to be verbose and also record every one of the result to a message file to archiving with each construct.

eg, msbuild <build_file> > myfile.txt

2019-05-22 12:04:38

Sorry, yet what could lead for a demand to reproduced the specific very same construct in the future?

In my experience, either you maintain your item installers secure or start a new construct from square one.

Additionally IMO the only means to reproduced the specific very same construct in the future is to run your construct equipment on a Virtual Machine and also maintain the VM back-up around.

I assume that the majority of software programs you will certainly require to reproduce the specific very same construct in the future will certainly not be readily available any longer, so you will certainly require to maintain a duplicate of every software program versio you install in this equipment.

Could you be extra details concerning the trouble you are attempting to address?

2019-05-21 11:49:17