Organizing software program - where in the filesystem?

I presume it is additionally an issue of individual preference, yet given that I'm beginning with a fresh 10.10 install I assumed possibly this moment I'll maintain my system extra arranged.

What is/are the standard area (s) to store software program and also applications?

I have some things I get making use of git (as an example bioperl), there are some applications I merely download and install and also extract to some area (as an example eclipse) and also clearly I install software program making use of apt-get.

Where is the standard area to place every one of these?

2019-05-18 21:28:27
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like every person else claimed, the plan supervisor will certainly place points where it requires them to be placed.

I often tend to have a tasks/ folder where I check out my arbitrary git tasks.

Eclipse suches as to maintain its tasks in work space/ Depending on just how much growth I do under eclipse I would certainly do something like $HOME/workspaces/ AndroidStuff, CrazyRandomIdeas relying on if things I'm working with need to remain in its very own work space or is a tiny task.

Additionally, periodically I such as to install points in my $HOME given that i'm simply having fun with points and also do not intend to contaminate my filesystem, which I often tend to place in $HOME/local. Once more this is simply my design. yet I wind up with

      bin/  -->symlinks to binaries I installed locally and added to $PATH
      local/  --> local installs of applications, libs etc. 
      projects/  --> git check/svn checkouts etc of random code. 
      workspace/ --> eclipse stuff.

Try not to install anything in your root filesystem (/) unless you package it. It is an imperial discomfort to uninstall points, (there is constantly a make install yet hardly ever do you ever before get a make uninstall). Additionally, that is the whole factor of a product packaging system, to track your programs, documents, configs, etc

2019-05-21 10:50:01

The typical areas to install added software program is either /opt or usr/local See additionally the other similar question

2019-05-21 05:30:59

For software program mounted using plan monitoring you do not require to care where it is mounted, you will just handle it with some plan monitoring software program like proper - get, capacity or synaptic anyhow.

The common areas are, as currently stated by txwikinger, /opt and also /usr/local. I would usually place software program that I compile myself right into /usr/local, as that has the common directory site framework (container, lib, ...) currently in position. Large software program that anticipates a directory site of its very own I install right into /opt, I assume that is the initial intent of that folder.

I'm additionally making use of a folder for tiny, self - had applications in my residence folder for some applications, mostly due to the fact that my residence folder gets on a seperate dividing that I maintain when re-installing the system. So I do not need to install those applications once more.

2019-05-21 05:25:14