IE8 overflow: vehicle with max - elevation

I have a component which might have large quantities of information, yet I do not desire it to wreck the web page format, so I set max-height: 100px and also overflow:auto, wishing for scrollbars to show up when the web content does not fit.

All of it jobs penalty in Firefox and also IE7, yet IE8 acts as if overflow:hidden existed as opposed to overflow:auto.

I attempted overflow:scroll, still does not aid, IE8 merely trims the web content without revealing scrollbars. Transforming max-height declaration to height makes overflow job OK, it is the mix of max-height and also overflow:auto that damages points.

This is additionally logged as an official bug in the final, release version of IE8

Exists a workaround? In the meantime I considered making use of height as opposed to max-height, yet it leaves a lot of void in instance there isn't much information.

2019-05-18 21:28:45
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