iPhone to iTunes application transfer

  • Usually individuals made use of to download and install application on iTunes & after that install it on their iPhone making use of iTuens sync.
  • Presently, I have an iPhone that I purchased from my close friend.
  • He had actually acquired several applications on iPhone.
  • When I attached the phone to my iTunes, it asked to move or do not move. When I pick, move - It moved all the things.
  • Despite the fact that it was not from very same account of itunes.
  • I have various iTunes account & acquired application was from various itunes account despite the fact that it could move - my inquiry is why - iTunes permits doing this ?

Ok. Another trouble that I encountered is as adheres to.

  • When I remained in wifi array, I straight downloaded and install an application (making use of very same account which I carry my itunes ).
  • Next when I attached iPhone to iTunes, it really did not moved anything & I shed my downloaded and install application.

Did any kind of - one encountered this concern? If of course, What did you do to settle this concern?

Many thanks beforehand for sharing your wonderful Knowledge. Sugar.

2019-05-18 21:30:51
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Answers: 3

1) your close friends itunes account was possibly signed up on your phone when you synced with the computer system.

2) you can just be synced with one itunes account at once. your trouble could be that your synced with your close friends account so any application that you download and install with your account wont have the ability to sync any kind of applications unless you transform it to sync with your account (which will certainly delete all applications not acquired with your account.)

2019-05-21 05:14:37

Either there was previous consent on your system for his account, or if the iPhone was changed in some style (ie. Jailbreak), after that any kind of predictability with regular function heads out the window.

If iTunes synced and also got rid of an application with no caution, after that there is a trouble with your iTunes, or there might be a corruption with the iPhone calling for a feasible recover. I would certainly de - accredit the computer system, re - accredit, and afterwards authorize out and also back know your iPhone with more screening.

2019-05-21 05:04:10

It is feasible to make use of applications from various accounts on one iPhone. I do this also, where I generally download and install the free applications with my account and also the paid with my better half is (we generally just acquire making use of present cards, and also by retrieving all present cards on one account we conserve up the extra cents after each 0.99 EUR track). For this to function, I required to accredit my iTunes installment to make use of things acquired utilizing my better half is account.

So it is feasible that you accredited your computer system time in the past to play songs from your close friends computer system (also by streaming them, not just a documents duplicate), and also iTunes remembered this consent so you can get the applications currently. For updates to these applications it will certainly request for the password of your close friend, so you see this usage - instance is generally restricted to scenarios where individuals recognize each various other quite possibly and also password sharing is not a large trouble (in one house, generally).

In the mobile variation of the App Store you can see which account you are visited as by scrolling down on the first web page. If it is still acting unusual a recover can aid that. Given that you had the ability to move the acquired applications from the iPhone to your computer system, you need to have the ability to position them back after the recover.

2019-05-21 05:01:35