Set objective in channel not to be essential

I have a start web page which can link to a price cuts web page and afterwards 3 feasible bonus web pages (among which will most definitely be gotten to), all 3 of these bring about a verification web page.

I have actually set up goals on each web page and also on the verification web page I have the adhering to channel:

  1. /G1/StartPage
  2. /G1/(Extra1|Extra2|Extra3)Page

However I intend to include the price cuts web page, yet not all consumers can see that web page. as an example

  1. /G1/StartPage
  2. /G1/DiscountsPage (may not read)
  3. /G1/(Extra1|Extra2|Extra3)Page

Question (s):

  • Can I do this in the very same channel? do I need to maintain my existing channel over?
  • If I create a different channel (of which the objective is the verification web page once more) would certainly I just include the price cuts web page?
2019-05-18 21:31:47
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Answers: 1

I assume GA will just offer you the alternative to make Step 1 optional, so you might need to make a different channel.

2019-05-21 04:13:51