Does Google take into consideration a website is markup when filtering system replicate web content?

I recognize that Google has a replicate material fine for message, such as write-ups, etc

However, does Google use this fine to 2 the same layouts, such as layouts?

I'm presuming that Google just respects the web content and also not the inner markup/structure that composes a website, right?

2019-05-18 21:36:11
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No. Although Google does do some standard sign in the stylesheets (evidently, masking message by making it white on white will certainly be identified) Google does not take notice of the visual facets of a website.

If they did, the whole market absolutely free motifs would certainly collapse, simply think of all those significant vBulletin discussion forums that make use of the default skin ... And what concerning all those Wordpress blog sites that feature the default motif.

If an one-of-a-kind layout would certainly be a requirement for an excellent SEO rating they would certainly quickly set you back thousands of bucks each. Google has to do with locating one of the most pertinent web content, not concerning locating one of the most one-of-a-kind layouts.

2019-05-21 05:08:09