How can you remove Unity?

In previous variations of Netbook Remix I had the ability to disable the netbook - launcher and also simply have an empty desktop computer. I suched as the rate of the Netbook variation yet not the user interface, this functioned well for me.

Just how can I remove Unity?

It would certainly additionally serve to have elimination guidelines for all variations of Ubuntu.

2019-05-18 21:37:52
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You need to have the ability to most likely to the login - screen supervisor and also select to start in "Ubuntu Desktop Edition" as opposed to "Ubuntu Netbook Edition" as default there.

It is readily available under the System food selection, nonetheless as I'm making use of the Dutch translation of Ubuntu the specific name of it in English or various other languages is unidentified to me. Hope this aids no matter: -)

You can additionally transform which desktop computer setting you start in per session. Simply click your username in the login screen, after that in the lower fifty percent of the screen need to be a session selector which defaults to "Ubuntu Netbook Edition". Adjustment it to desktop computer and also you prepare to go.

Keep in mind that this all does not "remove" the Netbook Edition, yet just disable it though. The correct procedure is possibly to remove the mounted plans for it. You can remove ubuntu - netbook plan to do this.

2019-05-21 04:56:11